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Welcome to the #612Jungle21DayCleanse ! 

The cleanse will run October 10th - October 31st (sun down).  Ending the cleanse on the 31st will give you the chance to indulge in Halloween festivities - if that’s your thing. You will remove 5 items from your diet (listed above) and add one to your life, a daily 20 minute meditation.  Meditation will be lead by our YTT students and our teachers.


The best part about this cleanse is that we are in this together.  You can utilize this page to share what works for you, what isn’t working for you, what you need help with, recipes, motivation and more! 


Things are always better when you have the support of the community.  We are so grateful that you are embarking on this journey with us. 


The cleanse is done during our Yoga Teacher Training 200 program.  As a part of the program, we are focusing on being present and removing attachments from our lives.  One of the many attachments that we all deal with daily: food and things that we feel we can not go without. 


When you look at the cleanse list, how are you feeling? Frustrated? Defeated? Like It’s too much to let go of at once?  That in itself is an attachment.  Recognize it, don’t judge it, but make an attempt to go without. 


There are many health benefits to a change in diet and a daily meditation practice.  These will vary person to person, but we are ready for the ride! 


During our first YTT in Fall of 2020 one of our amazing students, Pearl, made these wonderful resources to help you along the way.

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