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what to expect?

This practice starts off with creatively designed Sun Salutations with intentional time to flow without guidance. This is followed by challenging sequences to test your strength, flexibility and patience. This 60 minute class is designed for those who have had some exposure to yoga in the past. When practicing in the studio, the room will be heated to increase your aerobic effort.  You can expect Trap music, less mainstream (explicit) hiphop, the nitty and the gritty.  We want you out of your mind and into your body.  

Aerobic Effort: •••••

Amount of Direction: ••◦◦◦

Overall Challenge: •••••


A dynamic hot Vinyasa class.  This class is for those that are up for a challenge.  The room is warm, the music is up, you're flowing.  You give yourself all that you have, connect with yourself on a mental level, AND challenge yourself physically. 


what to expect?

This is our Beginner's Vinyasa! You will be fully guided through the sequencing of a typical 60 minute 612 Jungle vinyasa class. There will be added modifications throughout to assist those who are getting adjusted (or readjusted) to a yoga practice. Three different Sun Salutation sequences, followed by intentional challenges that are accessible to any skill level.  You can expect Trap music, less mainstream (explicit) hiphop, the nitty and the gritty.  We want you out of your mind and into your body.  

Aerobic Effort: •••◦◦

Amount of Direction: •••••

Overall Challenge: ••◦◦◦


A foundational vinyasa practice. Designed to be a little slower, more guided, intentionally descriptive practice. This practice is PERFECT for the beginner but also offers the experienced yogi a chance to revisit the foundations of their practice. 


What to expect?

A slow flow that can be done with dimmer lights or even with your eyes closed. The sequencing is similar to other vinyasa classes, with a lower intensity. Guidance is present, but there is ample time for free flow within the sun salutations. This 60 minute practice allows for additional creativity and space for exploration within the flow.  You can expect, slower, deeper, more soulful music.

Aerobic Effort: ••◦◦◦

Amount of Direction: •••◦◦

Overall Challenge: •••◦◦

what is soulit?

A slower Vinyasa class that is perfect for any yogi practitioner. Light your soul up from the inside out, using your breath, powered by some soulful hits. 


What to expect?

Enjoy a 60 minute yin practice. Yin is unlike our common flow or vinyasa classes as we are holding postures for 3-5 minutes each. This class will have some physical challenges and should not be mistaken as a “restorative” yoga class. R&B Restore is more about restoring your inner balance and working different muscles and structures within our body. Much of the guidance is more focused on an internal focus rather than your physical movements.

Aerobic Effort: •◦◦◦◦

Amount of Direction: •◦◦◦◦

Overall Challenge: •••◦◦

what to r&b restore?

We move a lot. It's not often that we and our minds are still. This meditative practice focuses on getting deeper into the connective tissues. Take time to strengthen the ability to control your mind and send your breath to the points of tension within your body.


What to expect?

A guided 60 minute vinyasa flow that provides an intermediate challenge for practitioners. Similar to other classes at 612, Hustle & Flow has a mix of Sun Salutations and aerobic sequencing, however, continuous guidance throughout the flow helps to build confidence and strength. Postures are presented with modifications for every level of experience.  You will hear it all, a good mix and a good flow.

Aerobic Effort: ••••◦

Amount of Direction: •

Overall Challenge: •


Making everything out of something on your mat, and taking a step to clear our busy minds and enjoy our bodies in the present moment. Temperature is pleasant, playlist amazing, twist away the toxins, breathe in positivity, make the best of the present, and accept yourself as you are.


What to expect?

The class starts with rounds of traditional Sun Salutations to increase your heart rate and warm up your body. Then the majority of the class is holding postures for 5 breaths each. The intended breath work is Ujjayi Pranayama --lips sealed to build heat.

Aerobic Effort: •••◦◦

Amount of Direction: •••••

Overall Challenge: •◦◦

what is old school vinyasa?

Enjoy a 60 minute Ashtanga Vinyasa. Asthanga Vinyasa is a yoga series created by K. Pattahbi Jois and is sometimes known as "classical yoga". You will visit many of the shapes that you see in other vinyasa classes, working in a progression. If you are newer to the practice, this is a great class to familiarize yourself with different postures. The series will always be the same. The 612 Jungle "twist" is an added throwback playlist played in class.


What to expect?

The class is full of energy and is upbeat. Get your heart rate bumpin' with a high endurance class while keeping it spicy and adding weights to your flow.

Aerobic Effort: •••◦◦

Amount of Direction: •••••

Overall Challenge: •◦◦


If you love vinyasa flow and want a kick-butt sculpting workout this is the class for you. Get ready for 60 minutes of cardio, core, endurance, and strength training with weights to all the dope tracks. Using foundational yoga postures, you will be deep into the music & building muscle definition at the same damn time!

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