Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

The 612 Jungle is located in Northeast Minneapolis inside of the Holland Arts Builiding. In order to make your way to the Jungle, you'll enter through the front door, take the stairs in front of you up, walk straight back to the end of the hallway and take a left. You'll either hear the music or smell the insence at that point - just take those stairs to the left up! Got lost? Shoot us a text!

How much are classes and how do I register?

Classes at the 612 Jungle, drop in rate are $12. We do offer an intro offer: 5 classes for $30 to use in 45 days! In order to register for class you can sign up from our "Book A Class" page, or on the MindBody app, search '612 Jungle'. We do offer packages that can get classes as low as $8! 7 days of unlimited yoga - $24 5 classes/$50 10 classes/$90 20 classes/$160 Unlimited/$109

Can I pay cash?

Currently, we do not accept cash for classes. It's important to register online through the MindBody app to make sure that you reserve a spot. We don't turn away walk-ins, however, often times classes will fill up.

Do you have beginner's classes?

Yes, we do have beginner's classes! If you are new to Yoga and just getting started we have a couple of options for you to choose from. 1. #TRAPPINlite - this class is a vinyasa class (breath and movement attached, don't worry we will walk you through the connection). We take things in this class slower, and the instructor will be there to guide you through each posture until you are comfortable enough to explore on your own. The playlist is invigorating, expect to hear Cardi, Gucci, Migos, and more. You'll start sweating, and you'll start FEELING good. 2. #SOULIT - similar to #TRAPPINlite, just a more soulful playlist! 3. #RnBRestore - very different. Don't expect a workout, expect to relax, sink deeper, and breathe. You'll hold restorative postures in this class for 3-5 minutes, it's an amazing introduction to Yoga. The instructors often give adjustments if you are open to them.

Are your classes heated?

The only class that is specifically heated is #TRAPPINhard. In other classes, it does get warm, naturally, when there are bodies working hard.

Are kids allowed?

We want everyone to feel welcomed at the 612 Jungle, including kids. We ask that if you have kids come to class that they are able to listen, respect space, stay quiet, and enjoy class!

Do I have to register for class?

Yes, online registration is required. We are a smaller studio and our classes tend to fill up. To ensure that you have a spot please register online. If you have issues with online registration please email us: or text us: 612-615-8614

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