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All Are Welcome
in the jungle

creating community since 2018

Elevate your practice and expand your mind, join the community of 612 Jungle! Our black woman-owned yoga studio in Minneapolis offers a variety of yoga styles and classes, from hip hop yoga to more traditional styles. Hip hop and R&B music is always playing, and all are welcome to join the jungle - no experience necessary.

FIND YOUR PLACE in the jungle

612 Jungle is proud to offer a variety of class styles to fit your practice goals. As Minnesota's only Hip Hop Yoga Studio, you can expect a unique experience that honors the yoga traditions while blending music styles of hip hop, soul, and R&B.



A dynamic hot vinyasa class.  This class is for those that are up for a challenge.  The room is warm, the music is up, you're flowing.  You give yourself all that you have, connect with yourself on a mental level, AND challenge yourself physically. 



A foundational vinyasa practice. Designed to be a little slower, more guided, intentionally descriptive practice. This practice is PERFECT for the beginner but also offers the experienced yogi a chance to revisit the foundations of their practice. 

R&B Restore

R&B Restore

We move a lot. It's not often that we and our minds are still. This meditative practice focuses on getting deeper into the connective tissues. Take time to strengthen the ability to control your mind and send your breath to the points of tension within your body. This practice will remain close to the ground the entire class.



A slower Vinyasa class that is perfect for any yogi practitioner. Light your soul up from the inside out, using your breath, powered by some soulful hits. Our warm Jungle Room studio offers an atmosphere like no other, accompanied by the soulful and relaxing sounds of R&B music.



Making everything out of something on your mat, and taking a step to clear our busy minds and enjoy our bodies in the present moment. Temperature is pleasant, playlist amazing, twist away the toxins, breathe in positivity, make the best of the present, and accept yourself as you are.


hip hop yoga sculpt

If you love vinyasa flow and want a kick-butt sculpting workout this is the class for you. Get ready for 60 minutes of cardio, core, endurance, and strength training with weights. Using foundational yoga postures, you will be deep into the music & building muscle definition at the same damn time!


Old School


Enjoy a 60 minute Ashtanga Vinyasa. Asthanga Vinyasa is a yoga series created by K. Pattahbi Jois and is sometimes known as "classical yoga".  This is a great class to familiarize yourself with different postures. The series will always be the same. The 612 Jungle "twist" is an added throwback playlist played in class.



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612 Jungle

2905 Garfield Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

612 Jungle is conveniently located near the intersection of Lyndale and Lake Street in Minneapolis. There is ample parking in the paid lot across from the studio, or street parking on Garfield is free. The door will be locked 5 minutes after class, please arrive on time.

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